4 Advantages Of Owning An Apple Sport Watch

4 Advantages Of Owning An Apple Sport Watch

You’ve toyed with the idea of a smartwatch for a long time, but spending so much money on a wearable that you might accidentally damage doesn’t seem like a smart move. While it’s true that many wearables aren’t constructed of the most durable materials (unless they’re indestructible fitness bands), that’s not the case with the Apple Watch Sport. A lightweight, durable design and all the functionality of the Apple Watch come together in a sporty smartwatch you’ll have a hard time damaging and you’ll love wearing.

Durable Watches for Sporty People

Smartwatches are a wonderful way to stay connected to your smartphone and your network of friends and family. However, many people avoid purchasing a smartwatch for fear of damaging it. Smartwatches made of stainless steel often scratch easily, and with their large displays it’s easy to accidentally bump into something, scratching or damaging the expensive wearable beyond repair.

You don’t have to worry about being careless with an Apple Watch Sport. The watch is constructed of aluminum and has the same scratch-proof glass that graces the iPhone 6. The aluminum doesn’t show scratches the way stainless steel does, which makes the Sport perfect for athletic and outdoorsy types. Even if you’re not athletic, just clumsy or a bit careless, you’ll love how durable the Apple Watch Sport is. Wearables are supposed to make your life easier, right? Worrying about the expensive technology strapped to your wrist doesn’t make things easier.

Lightweight for Easy Wearing

Before smartwatches, smartphones replaced traditional watches for many millennials. When you can pull out your phone to check the time (and lots more), wearing a watch doesn’t make much sense. That means millennials hesitate when it comes to strapping wearables to their wrists. Other smartwatches are heavy or awkward to wear, and take some getting used to if you’re not accustomed to the feel of a watch on your wrist.

The Apple Watch Sport is lightweight, thanks to its aluminum shell, which means you’ll adapt to wearing it much faster. Its lightweight design makes it easier to wear during strenuous physical activity and working out, too.

Changeable Watch Bands for Fashion Consciousness

The Apple Watch Sport comes with sport bands that are quite durable. They hold up better than the fashion bands other smartwatches come with, especially in conditions involving sweat. But if you’re going out on the town or working, the rubbery, colorful bands might clash with your outfit or your professional presentation.

Thankfully, you can swap out your Apple Watch Sport bands for something a little more fashionable when you want to. Keeping several sets of bands is the perfect way to ensure that you have a band for every occasion. Wear sporty bands that can handle your toughest workouts when you’re lifting or doing yard work, and swap those bands out for elegant options in black or white to go with your work and evening attire.

Affordable Pricing for Many Budgets

Even if you want a smartwatch, they can be prohibitively expensive. If you’re worried that you’re going to accidentally damage the watch, paying $700 for it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Neither does buying something you’re too afraid to use because you don’t want to scratch and ding it up. The Apple Watch Sport typically runs about $300 to $400 cheaper than its Apple Watch counterpart.

When you’re looking for a durable and affordable smartwatch, the Apple Watch Sport is the clear winner. It has the same battery, processor, and apps as the Apple Watch, so you lose no functionality with the Sport model. The materials that allow Apple to produce the watch more cheaply also make it more durable, and it still has the iconic Apple Watch shape.

The investment makes sense: your next wearable or smartwatch should be the Apple Watch Sport. You get the best functions and the most apps of any smartwatch on the market, but without the hefty Apple Watch price tag. The sporty look is perfect for everyday use, and you can always change the band when you want something a little fancier!

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