4 Home Appliances Worth The Investment

4 Home Appliances Worth The Investment

Shopping for home appliances is overwhelming, especially when you are a new homeowner. There are hundreds of options, and every product boasts some feature that you can’t recognize and you’re not sure you’ll ever need. Throw maker, color, and size into the mix, and the confusion only grows. So how do you know which appliances are worth the investment?

Washer and Dryer

Washers and dryers have a huge differential in price ranges depending on their features, but they all do the same basic job. When choosing a new washer and dryer, you can spend as little or as much as you like. However, if you are looking for some upgrades that are worth the price, consider machines that are efficient and save on power and water. Also, if you do a lot of laundry, you want to look into machines with a larger capacity. These upgrades are worth the cost and will make you happier in the long run.  


Similar to a washer and dryer, ovens also come in hundreds of styles and prices ranging from simple and cheap to eccentric and expensive. So it really depends on how much you enjoy cooking and how much time you plan on spending in the kitchen. If you aren’t much of a cook and eat out a lot, there’s no reason to have anything other than a basic oven. However, if you love cooking, consider features such as convection cooking, energy-efficient features, integrated meat thermometers, and more. Plus don’t forget that you have to clean up after you are done cooking, so a self-cleaning oven is perfect for making that job easier. 

Energy-Saving HVAC System

HVAC systems are not part of that “fun to shop for” appliance group, but they are necessary. So if your HVAC system seems to require replacement, focus on units that are not only made to properly heat and cool a home your size, but also units that are energy-efficient. Look for the ENERGY STAR logo, as these units typically save homeowners more than $100 per year on utility costs. 

Water Heater

Again, water heaters are another home appliance that you don’t usually think about because you aren’t physically in contact with it regularly. An old water heater is not only energy-wasting, it also is likely to drive you crazy with water temperature inconsistency and frequent failures. The biggest two things to consider when purchasing a new water heater are the unit’s capacity and its energy-efficient features. No one wants to waste money on a water heater that is continually heating the same tank of water over and over because it is not energy-efficient. And, you do not want to spend less on a water heater just to find out that for few dollars more you could have gotten a larger one that meets your hot water needs.

As you can see, there is no reason to let shopping for new appliances overwhelm you. Instead, do your research before you go shopping and know which features are worth the investment. 

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