A 20-Something’s Financial Wish List

The holidays are approaching, and even though you’re in your 20s, your family and friends are probably asking you what you want for Christmas. Long gone are the days of circling things in the Toys R Us catalog (or at least these days should be behind you), and it’s time to get serious. Tis the season of giving, but if they’re offering, why not give them an answer? I usually tell my family money or gift cards, because it’s easy for them. However, in the past, I’ve used these options unwisely, and spent the money on things that did nothing for my future. Instead, give one of these suggestions when asked about what Santa Clause should bring you:

  • A new wallet: A wallet is a reasonable gift, and usually one that is moderately priced. If your wallet is completely falling apart at the seams, ask for a durable wallet that can hold your cash, your debit and credit cards (that you should be using reasonably). I’ve had my wallet for about 2 years now, and I love it because it’s similar to a pocket book where I hold my change, has several slots for cards, and enough room for cash. Maybe they’ll start your new wallet off right with some cash inside.
  • Stocks: If you’ve been looking into investing, have your family members purchase stock shares for you is a good idea. Look into some companies that you’re interested in investing in, and look into the prices. Obviously you don’t want to go right to the bigger ones like Dow Jones and Nasdaq, since those shares are thousands of dollars each. Some startups are opening up to the public sector and could be a great beginner investment.
  • Donate to charity: What do you get the person who has everything? Donate to a charity in their name! If you’re interested in a particular cause or volunteering with a non-profit organization, your friends can donate money to a charity in your name. This is becoming a lot more popular as a gift, as it helps others and makes you feel better as well. Can’t think of a cause? Check out LoveDrop¬†as they help out a new family every month.
  • An investment in your business: If you took heed and followed my advice to become an entrepreneur right out of college, then you may need some startup capital. Present them with your business plan and see if they’d be interested in investing in your business for Christmas. Who knows, this could be your opportunity to get your business off the ground.
  • Personal finance books: If you’re fascinated with personal finance, there’s plenty of books on the market that you can ask for. Some popular ones include Think and Grow Rich, Total Money Makeover and Rich Dad, Poor Dad. A lot of these books are also available in ebook format like the Kindle if you have one of those already.
  • Contribution to your retirement fund, savings goal or debt snowball: As I mentioned, money is usually a last resort gift anyways, and who is going to turn down cold hard cash? Instead of using that money for things that will only bring you a little bit of fun for a short period of time, put that money towards your IRA account, your savings account, or to pay down your debt.
So instead of sending your loved ones out into the Black Friday crowds to find you a gift you’ll forget about 2 years later, ask them for one of these financial gifts that truly keeps on giving.

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