Last-Minute Money Making Options

Sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned (actually, does it ever go as planned??), and unfortunately there are times when we just need money now and it’s not all in the bank account. This could be from an unexpected bill that you forgot about (like 6-month insurance premiums), or maybe you recently had a trip to the ER that racked up a hefty bill compared to your meek checking account. Whatever the case may be, you need to build up some cash, and you need to do it fast.

Have a Yard Sale

We all have things that we can sell, no matter how little money we think we have. Check your garage and look through the basement. There are probably plenty of items that you can find to sell.

Buy in Bulk and Sell

This is one of my personal favorites. Everything is cheaper when you buy in bulk – especially with large amounts. All you have to do is find an item that is in demand and has a severe discount when you purchase more than one. Then, you simply have to sell each item individually for a marked-up price. If you are really in a crunch for money, I would suggest finding something that is inexpensive for the consumer and can sell very quickly.

Invest in the Volatile Stock Market

Some people make thousands of dollars in the market in a single day. Let me tell you, they aren’t doing it with large blue chip stocks either – they aren’t volatile enough to make large sums of money (unless you have a ton of money invested). Nope, they are taking a gamble on penny stocks. In other words, they find a company that they think will be profitable and is offered at a very cheap price per share. If the stock is listed at 50 cents and increases to 75 cents, you just made a 50% return on your money in a single day!

Invest in Your Business

Some businesses are incredibly easy to start and you can earn money almost immediately if you sell your services well enough. For instance, say you have a $1,000 bill to pay, but you only have $200. It might be a good idea for you to spend $150 on a lawn mower and start mowing the yards of all your neighbors. You’ll quickly earn back your initial investment, and you might even be able to pay your bill in time.


If you have some gambling skills, then perhaps it’s not a bad idea to head to the casino to try to win a few extra bucks. After all, you don’t have the full amount now for the bill anyway (and for the most part, organizations don’t like it when you pay only 25% of a bill). If you are good at blackjack, I would suggest playing that because the odds are in your favor. Either that or roulette and choose either red or black. Whatever you do, stay away from the slot machines. They typically only produce a winner 11% of the time.

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