Three Problems All London Tenants Know

Living in London is exciting, stimulating and full of opportunity. It’s also expensive, frustrating and occasionally infuriating. Here are three problems that London tenants know all too well, that still aren’t enough to stop them living in the most exciting city in the world.

Big Rent…

London is renowned for being an expensive place to live. The average rent in the City is £1502 a month, which is, believe it or not, actually down 3% from 2016.

While Londoners might choke on their avocado when they compare what they could be getting elsewhere in the country, London is actually well below nineteen other major financial hub cities like New York and Hong Kong. If you’re in London for you’re a career, you’re probably getting a good deal!

…Small Rooms

It’s an unfortunate truth that even if you’re paying top band rent in London, you’re probably living in a small room. Despite its high and ever-growing population, there’s not a huge amount of new building in the city especially in the most desirable central areas. This means most of its eight million people are squeezed into converted Victorian townhouses that weren’t supposed to hold so many people.

If you’ve had to move into a smaller apartment, and you’re looking for storage London has a lot to offer, fortunately so your possessions will be safe until you’ve been able to secure a larger home.

Under Pressure

The house market in London moves like lightning, so hunting for a flat is more stressful than in the rural delights of Dorset or Scotland. You’ll be rushing from flat to flat, and if you see one you like and don’t put down a deposit right away, you risk losing it to people who are quicker on the draw than you.

The last thing you want to have to do is make a quick decision on where you’re going to live before you’re totally happy, but unfortunately, under the circumstances you have to more often than not.

You can end up in the same situation with the people you live. It can be tricky to live with your best friend, so deciding you want to live with people based on a ten minute discussion while you look round a flat is pot luck at best, Russian Roulette at worst.

With this minefield to navigate you might wonder why you bother living in London at all. Then one day, you find yourself crossing Waterloo Bridge at midnight with the friends you made there and realize you couldn’t live anywhere else.


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