Three Services I Refuse to Pay Someone Else to Do

Three Services I Refuse to Pay Someone Else to Do

Are you the do it yourself type who is really handy and willing to tackle any home improvement job himself?  Or are you the hands off type who prefers to bring in the professionals for any and all jobs.

I’m kind of a mix between the two.  I consider myself pretty handy but I know my limits and I’d rather call in a pro to get the big jobs done.  However, I also understand all too well the cost of owning a home so there are some jobs I’m happy to do myself and save myself some money.

Gutter Cleaning

I hate cleaning gutters.  There, I said it.  It’s a pain of a job to do and I’m not a fan of heights.  Climbing up on a ladder just to pull leaves and grim out of the gutters isn’t my idea of a good time.  But I do it anyway to save myself some money.

In our old house I actually did pay someone to clean our gutters twice a year.  They charged $125 a shot but it was well worth it because we lived in what we liked to call a “park-like setting” with lots of trees including several with branches that hung right over the house.  Cleaning those gutters was a chore and would take a long time.

But in our new house we don’t have any large trees near the house and the gutters never get too bad. They just need occasional cleaning and maintenance, and I’m not willing to pay someone for such a small effort.

Lawn Care

I do not have the nicest lawn on the block and I’m ok with that.  Sure, I wish I had the kind of lawn that would be featured on Better Homes and Gardens.  But those perfectly manicured lawns come with a hefty price tag and I’d rather put that money into savings or towards paying down debt.

I do all my own mowing and edging and I use the Scotts Lawn Treatment (though I’m usually far behind schedule on that) and my lawn looks presentable.  I’m cool with that.


Painting is hard work…much harder than most people realize.  A good paint job involves a lot more than just slapping paint on the walls.  The devil is in the details and any good painter knows that the key to success is all in the preparation.

You need to lay down drop cloths to protect furniture and floors.  You needs to remove any wall decorations, light switch covers, and air conditioning vents.  You need to carefully brush all the edging around door and window frames, baseboard, and the ceiling (and any other nooks and crannies where a roller won’t fit).  Then you use the paint roller and that part goes pretty quickly, but odds are you’ll need to do a second coat or at least some touching up. Then you have to clean everything up and put everything back where it belongs.

Given the amount of work involved it’s no wonder professional painters charge an arm and a leg.  But their expensive rates are exactly the reason why I am more than willing to spend a few hours of my time with paintbrush in hand.

What about you?  Are there any home jobs that you just can’t bear to pay anyone for?

Libby Balke

Libby is a jack of all trades, master of… well, you know how the saying goes. Media consultant by day, mommy by night, you can usually find her with a glass of wine in hand, provided the kids are in bed!

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  • February 8, 2015 at 1:16 pm

    What do you think about house cleaning? I struggled with that decision, thinking I should be able to clean a small house myself. Eventually I decided I’d rather spend the money than spend what little free time I have to sweep the floors and scrub the toilets. It’s a small price to pay to come home to a clean home.


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