Three Ways to Invest in Yourself Right Now

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin

Do you invest money in yourself? Do you believe in spending money to improve your quality of life?

I personally think the best way to invest money in your 20s is into education. There are many foolish ways to squander your money. There are also many ways to maximize your income to get the most out of your future.

What sort of education can you invest your money into? I would summarize this education under 3 general categories

1. Formal education.

The first option for education is the traditional route that most of us will consider after high school. This is the piece of paper (degree/diploma/associate’s degree) that you obtain from a formal post secondary institution. This is what most of us will do after high school. The standard plan is to finish high school, go to college, and then find a job a in the field. This is what a formal education will do for you.

What are the benefits of a formal education? A traditional education can land you a much better job than you could find without pursuing a higher education after high school. You can also find a specific job that you happen to have in mind. The reality is that jobs require at least a college degree.

The price is usually pretty expensive because it will likely take you up to four years to earn a formal education. You might also have to move to a new town to pursue your degree.

2. Self-taught education.

This is the information you extract from reading books on your own time, looking through blog posts, taking side courses, and paying for consulting. This is what you learn on your own. You won’t get a certificate or a degree for this, but the information that you pick up will be highly valuable.

What’s so good about learning on your own? Thanks to the Internet, you can learn anything you want these days. You go on Google and you can literally find anything. You can learn a new language, learn how to meet women, and learn how to make more money. What are you waiting for?

Most of the topics that you can learn on your own are either free (online), cost a little bit of money (online courses), or are easy to find (books).

3. Real life education.

This is the stuff you learn when you actually work and talk to people that know a thing or two. This is what you pick up by getting your hands dirty. A real world education is priceless because it will teach you how to navigate through this complex world.

How do you even get a real life education? You can find this simply by working. Everything that you learn in school or on your own is designed to prepare you for the so-called “real world.” I personally found that the only way to get a real life education is to actually get out there. It’s like preparing for war or a fight. You can train all you want. You’ll never be fully ready until you jump right in.

That’s how you can invest in yourself. The type of education that you choose to invest in depends on how much time you have, your financial situation, and how you learn new things.

What sore of education have you obtained in the last few years?

Edwin C

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