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Totally Money Blog Carnival #25 – Start of Summer Edition


If you weren’t aware, June 21st marked the first day of summer in 2011. This weeks carnival is in celebration of summer and sun!

Now let’s get to the great posts.

Editor Picks

Miranda at Financial Highway put together an extensive list of 35 Ways to Make More Money. Miranda broke down the ways to make money into 3 categories: Fast cash, building a home business, and passive income. She even took it a step further by adding some ideas from others around the web. All I can say is WOW! Awesome list here and Miranda clearly put a lot of time into this post.

Dr. Dean at The Millionaire Nurse Blog wrote about the corollaries between golf and money management in his post Money Management: 9 Ways Golf Can Help!. I was able to relate with this post as it dealt with two things I enjoy – money management and golf.

Squirrelers wrote a post about Money and Relationships: What Should Matter? What really stuck out to me in this post was that it didn’t sit well with a girl friend that was making more than her boy friend. Check out the post to see Squirrelers take on this!


Briana at Stupid Cents wrote about Why I Prefer Plastic Over Cash. I relate with a lot of the points Briana makes and I am proponent of responsible use of credit/debit cards.

Bob presents US Bank Visa Buxx – A Prepaid Card For Teens posted at Christian Personal Finance.


Jill at My Dollar Plan wrote Should You Liquidate Savings to Pay off Debt? In the post, Jill gives 6 steps you should follow to decide if you should pay off debt.

Evan at My Journey to Millions discussed how he has reduced his interest payments in his post How Much Interest Do You Pay Monthly?

Matt presents Using Debt as a Tool. . .or Playing with Fire? posted at Living in Financial Excellence.

Emily at Deliver Away Debt wrote a post about the Best Get Out of Debt Books. I’ve got to be honest with everyone, I haven’t read any of these! However, they do sound like good reads if you are struggling with debt.

Ryan presents Understanding VA Home Loan Funding Fees posted at The Military Wallet. This is a great post for anyone that is eligible for a VA home loan and doesn’t fully understand how the funding fee works.

Jim Yih at Retire Happy Blog wrote about How much debt is too much?.


Kelly at Wallet Watcher discusses some of the different ways to make money online in her post Top Five Ways to Boost Your Online Income.


Interested in learning about some industries that might be popular as the boomer generation ages? Well look no further than the post.
Investing In The Future at Boomer & Echo. Personally, I think the Health Care is a great investment play for the future.

Robert at The College Investor outlined some key mistakes that people make with IRA accounts in his post 5 Worst IRA Mistakes Made Everyday. Seriously, if you haven’t done #1 on his list you should go and do it right about….. NOW!

Investor Junkie discusses how he is going to invest in his business and prepaying debt in his post What I’m Investing In Now.

Free Money Finance presents Revisiting the Advice to Buy Real Estate posted at Free Money Finance.

Philip over at PT Money Personal Finance discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of a Roth IRA in his post Roth IRA Rules.

Outlaw presents The Real Difference Between a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA posted at Outlaw Finance. I don’t have a Roth IRA yet, but I going to open one soon. I like that in a Roth IRA you have more flexibility in your investments than in a 401K.

Laura at Cash Money Life discussed Should You Invest In a Bond Fund? If you don’t understand bonds, they can definitely be intimidating. That’s why investing in a bond fund is the best bet for the average investor.

Control Your Cash presents It’s REITcycle Friday! posted at Control Your Cash. This is a very thorough post on REITs and how they can be used to generate income.

Money Management

Miss T. presents 6 Ways an i-Phone Can Save You Money posted at Prairie Eco Thrifter. I use a few of the apps mentioned in this post, but wish that PrimoSpot was for Pittsburgh. I find myself driving around aimlessly looking for parking too often.

Kevin at Invest It Wisely wrote a post about Andrew Hallam titled Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School.

Jacob at My Personal Finance Journey shares his Current Asset Allocation and Net Worth Growth – May-June, 2011

Tom presents Making a Financial Calendar posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff explains her budgeting process in the post titled How I Budget.

Glen Craig presents Try a No Spend Month: Your Wallet Will Thank You posted at Free From Broke.


Suba at Wealth Informaticsput together an extensive list of Free things to do in Vegas

Emmie presents Travelling? Budget Tips to Stretch Your Dollar posted at Frugal Living. This post is very relevant for me because I just got back from vacation in Aruba and realize I could have saved some money using these tips.

That concludes this weeks edition of the Totally Money Blog Carnival. If you are interested in submitting articles, please go to the Blog Carnival Submission page or visit the Totally Money Blog Carnival

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