What Motivates You to be Financially Responsible?

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO BE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE? The short answer is, I’m motivated to be financially responsible because if I wasn’t financially responsible I wouldn’t be able to:

  • Save up to buy nice things for myself and my family
  • Help my daughter out with college expenses
  • Travel
  • Give to others
  • Face a secure retirement
  • Minimize money stress

To me, the motivation for responsible financial behavior is so clear I don’t know why we’re discussing it!

But, in the spirit of collaboration, I will continue with the “blog swap” and tweak the topic a bit and give some advice.

Advice to Those Lacking in Financial Motivation

Don’t think I haven’t make any financial mistakes, I have. In fact, I make them all the time, just like most everyone else. Just yesterday I sacrificed a few dollars so that I wouldn’t spend extra time redoing one of our family’s tax returns.

In spite of the fact that I’m not perfect, I am incredibly disciplined and smart spending habits are ingrained in my behavior due to years and years of practice. Thus, I’m using the next section to share some small money habits that yield big rewards.

I have a theory that even if you lack motivation for something that is good for you (like dieting or saving) you can still develop smart habits to keep you from eating and spending too much!

Here are some of my tricks to develop wealth, whether you have the motivation or not!

Practice These Behaviors to Become Financially Responsible (no motivation required)

  • Delay spending to minimize unplanned splurges. Commit to a week waiting period before making unplanned purchases.
  • Do not indulge your children. Little kids are as happy with a piece of wrapping paper and a box as they are with a $100.00 play set. Older kids need to learn early that getting everything their friends have is irrelevant and unimportant.
  • Have a set amount deducted from your paycheck and transferred to a retirement account. You will not miss the money.
  • Do not pay any credit card interest. Pay your card off in full every month. If you have debt, don’t use the card and pay off the debt!

Being financially responsible is its own reward. Even if you have made lots of stupid money mistakes in the past, clean up your money behavior and your financial future will be sunny.

If you need any reason to motivate yourself for smart financial behavior, image how you will feel as you age and HAVE NO MONEY!

What are some of your personal tricks to increase your money smarts?

Edwin C

Edwin is a marketer, social media influencer and head writer here at Money In The 20's. He manages a large network of high quality finance blogs and social media accounts. You can connect with him via email here.

7 thoughts on “What Motivates You to be Financially Responsible?

  • April 8, 2011 at 9:20 am

    Nice article, I like that you bucked the trend! Some of us do have a certain and specific motivation for financially responsbility, but for the most part it’s typically the same reasons.

    On that note, Im off to opening day…go Detroit Tigers!

  • April 8, 2011 at 10:40 am

    I do all the things you listed in your bullet points. I pretty much never shop without a list. I’m a natural born list maker anyways, but even my kids know… if it’s not on the list we aren’t going to buy it.

    If I didn’t want it when I was making my list at home, then I don’t need it 10 minutes later in the store.

  • April 8, 2011 at 11:44 am

    In case you were wondering, bashing the host’s topic choice isn’t a good way to make yourself one of the “Editor’s Picks”!!!

    However, I am glad that your motivation is so obvious that you don’t even bother thinking about it. Hopefully your tips will help some people who don’t have the same motivation you have.

  • April 8, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    @Justin- Hope you had fun at the game! Thanks for shout out!
    @Ashley-I totally get you! I guess I’m not the only one.
    @Kevin-I am still smiling; I didn’t realize the dire consequences of being a rebel 🙂
    @Jacob-Don’t get me started on the price of toys!!! It’s way out of control!


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