5 Great Ways To Promote Yourself Over Social Media

5 Great Ways To Promote Yourself Over Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways for an individual, or business, to get their name out there. Networks like Twitter and Facebook allow you to interact with potentially billions of people online; sharing information and content that could give your brand a massive boost.

Creating a robust social media strategy isn’t easy, though, as it requires care and attention. Bad social media practices could cause more harm than good to your brand, but by following these five simple tips, you’ll have a growing social media presence in no time.

Cater To Different Platforms

What attracts attention on LinkedIn among business owners and entrepreneurs could fall flat on Facebook. Create content that’s going to speak to your audience, but make sure you’re taking all of your potential audiences into account. Consumers, investors and business owners are all looking for something different.

Understand what LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook users are all looking for, then deliver it. Don’t just copy and paste from one account to another, as this strategy just won’t work.

Time Your Posts Accordingly

Regularly posting relevant content is a great way to build up your company’s exposure and keep your audience engaged on your social media pages. If you start to post relevant articles, make sure you set a regime of posting and stick to it.

Not posting enough could drastically reduce the interest in your business and you could even see a gradual decline in follower numbers. The opposite should also be avoided; posting too frequently could leave your audience feel overwhelmed and could devalue your content and brand message.

Decide on an amount that you want to post and spread those posts evenly throughout the day to ensure that your audience can interact with them as often as possible.

Follow Back Your Followers

This is a gesture that could go a long way. People appreciate it when you follow them on Twitter, or any other platform for that matter, as it shows you’re interested in what they have to say.

Dress Up Your Links

Posting articles that are relevant to your sector can help you raise audience engagement, and it lets visitors know that you aren’t just a fantastic company, but you’re also a hub for trade news. This will keep people coming back to your profile and establish you as a key player in your industry.

However, simply linking to another article won’t be enough. It could come across as lazy and, in some cases, spammy. To counteract this, post links to your work and other people’s articles and include your input on the content you’re linking to. This will show that you have actually read the article, which may not seem like much, but it makes you or your business look passionate about the subject. Giving an informed opinion on the content you’re linking shows you are open to public discussion with your followers; boosting audience engagement even more.

Create Short, Relevant Videos

Regardless of whether your business sells bicycle parts or specializes in restaurant PR, there’s always a video that you could make to showcase your services. Play to your target demographic. Make fun and frivolous skits to appeal to your customers, or provide formal and concise summaries of your operations if you’re trying to sell your services. You don’t need a big budget for online video; in fact, an engaging, low-budget content can often do wonders for brand exposure and social sharing.

Videos on Facebook were designed to catch the eyes of your audience – especially considering the social network’s auto-play feature. You can pay to have videos featured on Facebook without the viewer having liked your page, too, giving you the opportunity to promote on a larger scale.

You may not think it, but YouTube is an amazing social media platform too. YouTube generates an astonishing amount of mobile traffic and is one of the most downloaded apps of all time, giving you a huge potential audience to reach out to. See what your competitors are doing, take the time to look around and invest in some quality video content for your convenience.

Put The Effort In & Your Audience Will Grow

Throwing something out into the wild isn’t going to get you attention. Put careful thought into what you’re posting, how you’re posting it and who is going to be reading it. The best way to keep an audience happy is to set a schedule and stick to it. Do that, and you’ll see your reputation grow.


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