From Wing Man to Santa: 7 Creative Ways to Earn a Buck

From Wing Man to Santa: 7 Creative Ways to Earn a Buck

Making a living isn’t easy, and as the cost of living continues to rise, so does the need for extra income. Finding opportunities to make extra cash is easier than it looks if you’re willing to step outside your personal comfort zone and offer up your services, talents, and possessions.  Just take a look at these unique money making opportunities!

The Wing Man

If you have the social skills to pull it off, you can get paid to be someone’s buddy. Standing in as a single guys’ ‘Wing Man’ and running interference while he chats up the ladies can be an easy way to earn some fast cash. From another perspective… what man doesn’t become more appealing to women when he walks in with a beautiful girl on his arm? One word of warning: offer your services as a “consultant” to avoid being labeled as a paid escort!  And yes, this is a paid job!

Sell Yourself

Plasma, Hair, Sperm and Egg Donors make decent money, simply by donating to worthy causes. Plasma donors are always needed at local blood banks or hospitals, and giving blood on a regular basis can bring in anywhere from $20 to $275 weekly. Acting as a sperm or egg donor at a reproductive clinic can bring top dollar if you fit the criteria. Supplying human hair for wigs, hair extensions, or hairpieces can be a lucrative way to make money while helping others.

Be the Santa. The Pirate. Or Smokey Bear.

Birthday parties, corporate functions, sporting events and fund raisers are prime spots to have fun while earning money. People will pay to have a dedicated person wearing their costume or acting as their mascot – because after all, a paid performer is more apt to show up and stick with it… as opposed to making cousin Bob wear the outfit against his will. Another fun way to make money is to appear as a movie star look-alike.  Check out ‘Event Planners’ in the local business listings and offer your services as an on-call performer.

Lead, Don’t Follow  

Do you know a lot about your neighborhood, area recreation areas or hiking trails? Set yourself up to give tours! Walking tours are the easiest to pull off, with low overhead and low liability risk.  If you’re into hiking, take a group along on a (paid) nature hike in the back country.  Do you hunt or fish?  Offer your services as an outfitter and share your skill with others.

Make a Buck… Or Five is the go-to spot on the Internet to find someone who is willing to complete a task for just $5. Some people offer wacky gigs – like singing Happy Birthday to the person of your choice in a funny voice, or writing your name on their chest and sending you the photo (really!) From social media marketing to cartooning, it’s easy to offer up your talents to the world on by posting whatever it is you’re willing to do for $5.

Back yard Money-Maker

Renting your back yard out may sound odd at first… but to the people who own boats, RV’s or sports cars and have no affordable place to store them , your back yard is like an oasis in the desert. If your back yard or property is particularly scenic and large enough, rent it out for weddings, barbecues, or family reunions.

Closet Timeshare

If you maintain a sizable wardrobe of designer clothing or specialty items, consider renting them out.  From business suits for the suit-less, to sports equipment, to wedding gowns, thrifty people have come to recognize the value in pay-per-use.

In the grand scheme of things, being creative is your best bet for making extra income. Utilizing your skills and talents can go a long way toward generating cash – and helping others in the process.

Do you have a unique way to earn money? Share it with us here!


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