How to Get a Promotion Fast in Your 20’s

A promotion comes with more responsibilities, but better pay and great opportunities to learn more and grow. But how do you go about getting one? This article highlights some tips that can be helpful in getting a promotion fast while you are in your 20’s.

Meet Your Boss’s Expectations

The first step you should take if you want to get promoted is to meet the expectations of your boss. Every company will communicate their expectations as soon as they hire you. If you don’t remember everything well, go back to your contract, or better still, ask your manager for a recap. Ask them if there are any areas you are falling short that they would like you to improve. This is important because you can’t be taken to a higher position if you are not doing well at your current one. Other than your expected performance at work, don’t forget the other expectations such as dress code and punctuality. 

Do More

Once you are certain that you are meeting your boss’s expectations, start taking up some extra tasks. Go the extra mile where you can and ask your bosses if they need an extra hand with other tasks. If you can, take up tasks that you would be expected to do once you are promoted. This communicates to your boss that you are ready for a promotion. 

Work on Your Skills

Working on your hard and soft skills can boost your chances of getting a promotion fast. To grow your skills, start by identifying the strengths you need for the new position. If you are eyeing a leadership position, you will require great leadership and communication skills. You can gain skills by taking courses, reading free material and practicing. Studies are easier these days even while working full time due to the availability of online programs such as the Fresno Pacific University continuing education course.

Grow Others 

The best candidates for promotions are the ones who invest in themselves as well as other employees. When you invest in others, it shows the management that you are a good candidate for leadership and managerial positions. Also, as you help others, you learn more and your skills become stronger. 

Ask for a Promotion

When you have done your best and the promotion doesn’t come, ask for it. When asking for a promotion, ensure that you have built a strong case for yourself. Highlight why you are a good candidate for the promotion, the skills and talents you have, your accomplishments in the company so far, and how the company will benefit by promoting you. 

If you hold on for too long without getting the promotion you desire, you can consider moving to another company. However, don’t move abruptly without giving your boss some time to think about it. Also, be very careful when you decide to seek the promotion elsewhere. Another company may give you the position you want, but with less favorable working conditions. Therefore, ensure you evaluate the new company well before moving. 


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