Looking For A First Home As A 20 Something

Looking For A First Home As A 20 Something

You’re probably tired of renting or tired of living with your parents. You’ve been saving up big bucks in your savings account, and you’ve got a healthy down payment ready to get you into your first home. You’ve researched first time home buyer programs and have a friend who does real estate. So what are some good things that other 20 somethings are looking for in a home?

Open Concept

In a lot of older homes, rooms are very defined with lots of walls. Kitchen here. Dining room here. Living room here. Recent homes have a more open concept, where you can still tell which room is which but you can also see from room to room because there aren’t many walls keeping you in.

Lots of Natural Light

Who wants to be locked in a chamber disguised a house? Natural light comes from lots of windows and that’s really the best kind of light. Nothing illuminates your home better than the sun and it will also reduce your electric bill since you can just draw back your curtains when you need your room a bit brighter.

Hardwood Floors

This isn’t true with all 20 somethings, but for some, hardwood floors are a must. If you have a pet this is a definite plus as well. Hardwood floors make your home look bigger and more spacious, they’re easy to maintain, and they give your home a more modern appeal. You’d be surprised; there may be hardwood floors underneath the carpet so be sure to ask!

Nice size yard

For pet owners and young parents yard size is crucial. In our backyard, it’s mostly concrete but it’s a nice size for us since we don’t go in it. If you have kids you’ll want room for them to play though, or you may just want a nice size yard for entertaining or for a swimming pool. If you’re not the outdoors type, this won’t be high on your list.

Green features

Our generation is very eco-conscious, and we’re looking into a more energy efficient home. This could mean low flow showers and toilets, a tank-less water heater, or even solar panels. Going green isn’t always cheap, but it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Ask about LEED certified homes if being eco-friendly is important to you.

Distance from schools, work, and shopping

One of the perks of living in the city is that you’re close to everything, which reduces your need for private transportation. Everything you need is within walking distance. The deeper you go into the suburbs, the farther things are. Map out potential neighborhoods and see what your commute time would be to places you go to often.

Half bathrooms

When entertaining, some people hate having their company using their private bathroom. A half bathroom definitely comes in handy, providing a toilet and sink. They’re easier to keep clean for your guests to use while over for dinner, and no one has to see your bath towels or toothbrush.

Of course, everyone is different, and no two 20 somethings are the same in regards to what they look for in a home. These are simply some features I’ve heard often in a new home search.

What are some things you look for in a home?


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