Why You Should Start a Side Business in College

College is an amazing time. You get to party. You can go to sleep whenever you feel like it and wake as up as you please. All you have to do is cram for your last minute exams, pass your courses, and survive somehow. You can worry about finding a job and all of that boring stuff once you’re done with college, right? Well not exactly. You do have the option to start a side business in college. I did this and it led me to pursuing my own business right out of college instead of looking for some job that I would hate right off the bat.

You may not be sold on the idea of starting a side business in college just yet. That’s what I’m here for today.

Why should you bother with starting a business in college?

You need money.

You obviously need money as college student. You can survive off dollar beers and eating noodles all day, but you’re still going to have bills to deal with. You’re still going to need some sort of a source of income. You’re going to need money in college.

Granted, money shouldn’t be your only motivation. I do believe that the need for income should at least have you consider starting a side business.

You have lots of free time.

College students like to act busy. The truth is that students don’t know anything about being busy. In college you don’t have to worry about kids, family responsibilities, paying the mortgage, or any other real responsibilities. Your biggest problem is updating your relationship status on Facebook. You have plenty of free time in college.

Why not use this free time to do something productive? I personally know that if I’m not writing, I’m just going to stalk random people on Facebook. What’s a better use of my free time? Helping others or creeping Facebook?

I personally think that all college students should exploit this free time and use it to create something amazing.

The experience will pay dividends in the future.

Any part-time job that you find in college will be the same. You complain about the work, crack jokes with your co-workers, and count down the minutes until you get to go home. Sound familiar? If you choose to start your own side business, you won’t have any “typical” days. Every single day will be a new adventure. You’re always going to be up to something new.

What are some the experiences involved with starting a side business in college?

  • You have to collect your own money.
  • You have to deal with real professionals.
  • You need to market yourself.
  • You have to solve your own problems.

Where else can you earn experience like that? Not at a part-time job at the retail store down the street.

How much you earn is determined by YOU.

At your part-time job, your supervisor will decide when you work and how much you earn. You’re going to have a ceiling on how much money you can earn. There’s no ceiling with your own business. How much money you make is all up to you and how hard you’re willing to work.

You can make a ton of money. You can make no money. You can sacrifice. You can go on Facebook and tag friends in photos. How much money you earn is determined by you and how you spend your time. You can embrace this challenge and crush it.

At the end of the day, it’s totally worth trying to start a business in college if you asked me. What you decide to do next is totally up to you. I would love to hear what you have to say about starting a side business in college. We’re just getting started on this topic. There’s going to be plenty more talk about starting a business in college from me around here.

Yasir Khan

Yasir Khan is a financial writer and SEO marketer. As the founder of WealthKept, he and his team of writers give detailed financial advice to ordinary people every day. Mr. Khan also owns an SEO marketing firm.